Organic green tea China Sencha (EU decrees no. 834/07+889/08)

Item No. 22503
Package Unit: 1 bag à 1 kg

Sencha is one of the best known green tea types. Originally consumed by Buddhist monks as a remedy and for spiritual composure, it is today considered a source of inspiration and vitality. Sencha means boiled tea: Sen = boil, Cha = tea. Firstly the tea leaves are folded lengthwise while drying on warm trays, then they are heated in wood-fueled pans in order to stop the fermentation. You will immediately recognise the long, well-worked, grass green leaves in this quality tea. After the infusion, the full leaf structure can be seen, and the cup has a bright yellow color. The fresh, grasslike flavor with a fine sweetness is a pleasure for each Sencha enthusiast!

 2-3 minutes
176-194° F
1 level tsp./6 oz serving

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(EU decrees no. 834/07+889/08)