Chronicle of the tea trading company Dethlefsen & Balk GmbH, Hamburg

Tea culture since 1836...

The tea trading company Dethlefsen & Balk Inc., Chicago, Illinois

past and present...

2004 - Dethlefsen & Balk Inc. - a subsidiary of the traditional Tea Wholesaler from Hamburg, Germany, is founded in the USA

Dethlefsen & Balk Inc. started its business in 2004 in Aurora, IL, USA as the American branch of Dethlefsen & Balk GmbH, established 1836 in the port city of Hamburg, Germany.

2020 - Dethlefsen & Balk Inc. - Headquarter moves to Chicago

On March 2, 2020, Dethlefsen & Balk, Inc. started operating business from our new office in downtown Chicago. The warehouse and logistical operations are maintained in Aurora. This is an exciting new chapter in D&B history, and we anticipate a bright future in one of America’s finest cities. Come join us for a cup of tea in the Windy City!

nowadays - Dethlefsen & Balk Inc. - our success story

"Today Dethlefsen & Balk is recognized not only as one of the leading specialty tea companies in Germany, but also enjoys a great reputation throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and around the globe. In short, we are an importer, blender and wholesaler of outstanding specialty teas and accessories. We service retailers like tea specialty stores, tearooms, coffee chains, health food stores, fine food retailers, gift service companies and other specialty tea distributors. The secret of our success is truly understanding your needs, providing a highly professional team that values your business and always delivers exclusive, high quality products. In our US warehouse we stock over 300 tea varieties and more than 400 accessories for our customers. We look forward to working with you and celebrating our mutual success!”

Silvia Rettore