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Originally, the brand ChaCult was only supposed to serve as a means to communicate the origin of a product to our customers. But, as the years went by, ChaCult developed into a seal for quality and a guarantee of success of a product.
We are proud that our brand has become such a strong name in the market. This is due to the success of our strategy of focusing on creating unique products. Only items convincing through high quality and excellent design are allowed to hold our stamp ChaCult.

To ChaCult

Tea since 1836

This trade mark covers our whole tea expertise since 1836. Tradition and innovation not only reflect in the design. The top sellers of our whole tea offer are unified in this powerful league: only the best tea creations bear the seal “since 1836”. Thus, a wide spectrum is covered in this tea assortment: from classical specialties, premium rarities and extraordinary specialties from extraordinary countries to popular creations of our tea tasters with modern approaches. Small lots from our tea manufactory, packed in ready-to-sell design packaging are a guarantor for first-class specialist shop quality in unique freshness.