Cocktails with Tea

Enrich your bar with tea’s complex aromas. Tea infusions and cold extractions are perfect if you want to slightly alter classic cocktails; the drinks become more interesting and offer your guests immediate food for thought.

Oolong Margarita

Ingredients: 1 tsp. Oolong Tea (eg. N° 22466), 50 ml white Tequila, 20 ml Cointreau, 10 ml lemon juice, some salt

Earl Grey Infused Gin Tonic

Ingredients: 50 ml Dry Gin, 1 tsp. Earl Grey (eg. N° 22514/22400USA), Ice cubes, Approx. 100 ml Tonic Water, Decoration: 1 Lime slice

Green (Tea) Apple

Ingredients: 20 ml vodka, 200 ml apple juice, 80 ml Japanese Sencha (eg. N° 22470), Ice cubes