Come and join us on a trip around the world!
While traveling in person is still difficult at the moment, we invite you to take an imaginary trip sip by sip.

Tea offers such a multitude of flavors that can easily transport you to faraway destinations simply by tasting them. Our selection will bring back memories of previous vacations and also tempt you to try out a new destination and flavor. Enjoy a 10% discount until April 20th!

Fasten your teapots and get ready for takeoff! 

Organic half-fermented Tea Vietnam
Oriental Beauty Oolong


Organic green tea Japan
Ceremonial Matcha, 30g tin
without label


Black tea blend, flavored

Green tea blend
Mango/Ras el Hanout/Mint

Rooibos tea blend, flavored
Pina Colada (Coco./Pineapple)


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