Tea Ball "Jore & Ville" stainless steel with wooden charms 2 assorted, seagull and seal Ø 2 inches (5 cm)

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Tea Ball “Jore & Ville“
stainless steel with wooden hanger
in shape of seagull and seal,
2 assorted
Ø 5 cm

Ahoy sailors! Whether a strong north wind or heavy seas, the two coastal children "Jore & Ville" defy every raging storm. And all they have to do is hold their course and wait for the wild sea to calm down again. Quickly the strong wind turns into a light, salty breeze, the bright sun appears on the horizon and the seal "Jore" gets comfortable on a sandbank, while the seagull "Ville" looks for a nice spot on a beautiful wooden pile in it´s home port. The tea ball made of high-quality stainless steel has a diameter of approx. 5 cm. It is ideal for preparing one cup of tea and can easily be opened and filled with a small clip closure. The exclusive wooden hanger is lovingly decorated with fine engravings, giving the item an beautiful look. Whether on board in bad weather or at home at anchor, this tea egg is the perfect companion for cosy tea moments everywhere. Also it is a nice addition to your range as a gift or take-away item in the checkout area.

You will receive each tea ball in an attractive Cha Cult gift box made of recyclable cardboard.